Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Calm Waters Don't Make Sailors

This is the dvd cover (and accompanying screenshot) I created for my 1.5 hour video documentary, "Calm Waters Don't Make Sailors," chronicling a 770-mile exploration of the Southeast coast of the United States.

The video was completed on December 17th, 2009 and will be posted in chapters on vimeo or YouTube very soon.

Here's a glimpse at the intro. Enjoy!

new resume

I finally took the initiative to design a new resume for myself. Kinda going out on a limb here...but I'm really fond of it. Simple. Quirky. Clever. Just the way I like it.

muststash logo

This is a logo draft I created for a product line (currently in development) that I've envisioned with a friend. I'd tell you what the product is, but we'd have to kill you (or have you sign an NDA).

HumaNature logo

This is a logo I designed for HumaNature, Pristine Clean Planet's new eco-friendly product line.

Pristine Clean website

A major component to the branding overhaul for Pristine Clean involved the design and development of a band new website.

Here are a couple screenshots.

Check out the website for yourself here: http://pristinecleanplanet.com

Pristine Clean promo materials

Here are a few more pieces.

A print advertisement. A referral card. A promotional bumper sticker.

HumaNature product label

I'm in the process of creating a set of spray bottle labels for our eco-friendly products.

This label will be screen printed on a 32 oz spray bottle. We intend to launch a full line of HumaNature products from Pristine Clean Planet, which will soon be available in the marketplace.

The empty white field on the right will provide space for the copy.

Pristine Clean door hanger campaign

We decided upon a door hanger campaign in order to capitalize on the holiday season. Here is the front and back of our design proof.

The colors are a bit washed out in these scans...and did you catch the typo? Glad we did, too.

Pristine Clean samples

I also created new t-shirts and equipment labels for staff personnel. Here are a couple samples.

Pristine Clean logo

I gave Pristine Clean a branding overhaul with a new look and a new logo. Here are a couple samples.

Fret Knot Magazine web layout

This is a screenshot my online multimedia publication's (Fret Knot Magazine) web layout in the works.

Fret Knot Magazine logo.

Here is the logo for my online multimedia publication, Fret Knot Magazine. Brian Turner at The Cricket Press drew this for me. I told him what I wanted, and he created it.

The ArbitraryM blog

The ArbitraryM is a blog I created to chronicle my "quest to find reason in 1,000 random thoughts."

I haven't made it nearly to 1,000 yet, but you can track my progress here: http://thearbitrarym.blogspot.com/2009/02/chris-1-25_12.html

Half Moon Farm label design

This is an image I created for Half Moon Farm in Barnardsville, NC for their honey jar labels and such.

Miles for Mountains t-shirt design

Here is a t-shirt I designed for Miles for Mountains.

Miles for Mountains website

Miles for Mountains is a project I helped co-create with Will Harlan to raise public awareness about the issue of mountaintop removal mining.

"Be a part of a million mile march to end mountaintop removal.

Dedicate your next hike, walk, or run to ending mountaintop removal. It can be on the treadmill or the trail…a short hike with some friends or a long backpacking trip…a jog around the block or an ultra marathon. Our goal is to raise one million miles from hikers, runners, and walkers who love mountains and want to protect them from mountaintop removal mining."

The website is still in progress, but the cause is alive and well. Donate your miles (or watch the video) here: http://milesformountains.wordpress.com/

BRO Green Guide

I wrote the cover story for Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine's 2008 Green Issue.

I traveled to Kayford Mountain in West Virginia to speak with Keeper of the Mountains founder, Larry Gibson, about his endeavors to save the home of his ancestors from the treacherous effects of mountaintop removal mining.

I've written several other stories for BRO, but this was certainly my favorite.

Read the full story here: http://www.blueridgeoutdoors.com/issue/keeper-of-the-mountains/

The Blue Ridge Cup

Here are a couple screenshots from The Blue Ridge Cup website. With the help of editor and chief, Will Harlan, I created and administered this race series for Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine.

I wrote all the copy for the website, and coordinated its layout and functionality as well.

I was the Blue Ridge Cup Director for two years, coordinating with participating runners, sponsors and race directors. It is now the largest running race series in the Southeast, and currently in its third year.

Check out the website for yourself here: http://www.blueridgecup.com/